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Other Commissions


Map of the St Nicholas churchyard, Brighton

The map of the St Nicholas churchyard was done in May of 2020 to help people connect to the church despite it being closed. I was delighted to be asked to do this as I have been involved in the church since I was very young. The style is similar to that in which I normally do watercolours, however I had never drawn a map before so it was slightly different. 

'The Greatest Battle', 50x50cm oil on canvas

This painting is totally different to those which I would normally create. It was inspired by fantasy characters and creatures. This painting is 50x50cm, which is a relatively large size for me. I really enjoyed the challenge which took several months to complete. The style of the painting is still similar to my usual realism. 


Ember card for an ordination

This commission was for an ember card of an ordination. This used most of the watercolour techniques I use in my other paintings, although with a more abstract style. This presented slightly more of a challenge but allowed more choice in the colours.  

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